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Hi All,
The business trip went very well. Actually lost about 1/2 pound - at least that is what the scale said over the weekend.

Debra, wow knee replacement. I am sure you will be back to exercising as soon as the Doc gives you the OK (probably sooner, knowing you!). Being fit makes all the difference in the world doesn't it? I keep seeing these women about my age, obese, using a walker , and (understandably) complaining about how lousy they feel. I am sure that some have an underlying condition that makes weight management difficult, but most of them just need to get moving.

Speaking of fitness, Chris, your comment about the difference a year and a couple of dress sizes makes really hit home. I know that, fundamentally, I am the same person whether I am a size 12 or a size 4, but somehow it makes a big difference in how I preceive myself and the world around me .

Anyway... I am happy and content, and looking forward to the holidays and all the craziness they create.
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