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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Hope, yeah she died back in '98. For the longest time, my GF and I kept what was going on from the kids because we didn't want to spook them. Then it spooked us when THEY started talking about it one day. I guess deep down we were trying not to believe what was going on and didn't want to corrupt their thinking. Nothing crazy has happened (like you see in movies, like the house shaking, etc), but there is definitely something not normal going on.
It's interesting (and natural) that you tried to shield them but that the kids picked it up. You also mentioned Mystie picking it up; one of my cats did in one case too. It's not always like the movies - sometimes it's a glimpse of something, something (in one case for me, chairs) moved, even a chill air.

Do you feel a positive or negative presence or is it neutral? Are you still comfortable there?
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