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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Thanks for noticing (me being gone.) I wish I could maintain a pescetarian (love that word) or vegetarian lifetstyle but for health reasons, low carb works best for me and I get bored easily. And am frankly lazy about vegetables. Yeah I said it. I am lazy about veggies, cutting them up, cooking em, etc, even peeling a cuke. I like veggies I do but I am alas an omnivore and a recovering carboholic (and if sugar isn't a drug, I don't know what is. I recently saw a bumper sticker that said Sugar: The Gateway Drug.)
Well how could I not?? Even in the few short weeks I've been here, you have been such a positive and wonderfully kind person! I am loving getting to know everyone here

As for cutting up veggies? Omgosh, I can't stand it! My Christmas gift this year was given to me early - it's a food processor! This makes my life soo much easier, and I find cooking a lot more fun now with less prep work to not worry about!

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