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Angry KETO DIET- I know I'm doing something wrong! Please help!!

Hi guys! i really need some help. i got on the keto diet 5 days ago and never have i been so hungry and never have i felt so nauseas and tired!

brief overview:
i'll be 24 in a few months
height: 171cm
weight 59kg
goal weight: 57.5-58 (hopefully by Christmas!)

I have been training for about 2.5 years, but have been into it religiously (5-6 times a week) over the last 13 months.

i do weight training 3 days a week (which includes about 20 mins of cardio to warm up before hand) and 2 days of full cardio training, and i usually play a sport or go to the gym on Sundays..

before i got onto this keto diet i was following a no carb, no sugars but lots of protein diet.. didnt really do much. then i started having minimal carbs for breakfast and a balanced diet which consisted of fruits, veggies, proteins and healthy fats and then i lost about 3 kilos in 3 months. i was limiting myself to 1200 calories/day (BEFORE exercise and i was ok with this)

so anyway, since ive been on keto for 5 days, ive been trying to stick to my 1200 calorie rule and this is not helping! my calorie breakup is 70% fats, 25% proteins and 5% carbs. I always make sure my carb intake is about 20grams.

i cant train hard at the gym now because im dizzy and light headed. i have no energy and am so hungry. i ate 1500 calories in total today (carbs came up to 22grams) and im STILL hungry.

I know i'm doing something wrong, and i really need help. i need to determine if i should persevere until Christmas or if i should just go back to my old ways.

also, before keto i was still eating 1200 calories before exercise so i wouldn't count the calories burnt off during training, and i was fine, but i got on keto because i kept reading that bodybuilders go on it to strip their last bit of fat, and i still have 20% bodyfat and this is rather annoying!!! i eat so well and yet have such a high figure (for someone who eats clean and trains as hard as i do this is high!)

so please, any advice will be good advice!
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