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Donna, the ghost strikes again. I've been up for a while, can't sleep. I just head (about 3:50am) what sounds to be a faint scream (more like an "ahhhhh") from a female in the living room... I don't have any plans on getting up to check it out.

The part that gets me is the only other voice I've ever heard was a males voice. My mom passed away in my house (it use to be hers), but I can't really say that I've thought she was here. The crazy thing is that I often get a "feeling" that a young girl is staring at me, standing on side of my bed, while I sleep. Never actually seen, heard or felt her so I always chalked it up as being my imagination.

Around 1:00am Mytsie was looking at my bedroom door growling.

I did get up to eat about an hour and a half ago, no pb&j, just pop tarts

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