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Originally Posted by blkblueanimegrl View Post
I'm in for this week!

Hope - Welcome back! We missed you last week

Quinn - I'm a pescetarian, so I know what you mean about being able to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. But I definitely need to cut back on the breads and pasta

Let's go for a good goal week! Time off before my next two grad classes, so it'll be the perfect time to get a work out regimen.

1) Keep calories under 1900/day
2) Walk with dog at least five days
3) Work out at least three days
4) Stretch
5) Meditate before bed
6) Stay Positive!
7) Work on Christmas gifts

I hope everyone has a great week! And welcome to you 4Jim!
Thanks for noticing (me being gone.) I wish I could maintain a pescetarian (love that word) or vegetarian lifetstyle but for health reasons, low carb works best for me and I get bored easily. And am frankly lazy about vegetables. Yeah I said it. I am lazy about veggies, cutting them up, cooking em, etc, even peeling a cuke. I like veggies I do but I am alas an omnivore and a recovering carboholic (and if sugar isn't a drug, I don't know what is. I recently saw a bumper sticker that said Sugar: The Gateway Drug.)

Quinn, I love your icon too. I am not quiet, nonconfrontational, etc but I still invoke Karma. And where IS Mike? If he doesn't come back at the request of his bud "Quinnie-poo" then IDK what's up.

Cassie, glad the subpoena is NOT salacious. You always have so much on your plate (pardon the pun because actually you have less on your food plate than some...)

4Jim so glad your day was a good one. Mine not so much but as that cheerful little singing orphan said: Tommorow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow...
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