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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I wasn't familiar with this term, but Googling tells me that it's the same as metabolic syndrome. I don't know of any particular forums, but it has been mentioned on this site. Try doing a search for the terms, or you could always start your own thread (I would put "metabolic syndrome" since that's what more folks would be familiar with, given the previous discussions here).

What are the guidelines that you are unable to follow?
I weigh 182, and my doctor gave me a paper guideline of NO egg yolks-but 2 per week, 3/4 cup cereal, no fat milk, no breads, baked goods... only 1/2 cup beans, only pasta with no butter or sauce or milk... cottage cheese. no juice, no drink except water or green tea. No nuts, yogurt or avocado. Oatmeal okay no butter, milk or sugar... (when I get $ I will buy stevia?).

I love cottage cheese. I need a meal plan, with some alternatives or I will be starving and then scarf my food.

Sorry to be grumpy... just really bummed. I looked at my old stats here and I have lost 8 lbs but gained 4 inches in my tummy, 2 in my neck....etc.
On a budget, right now...

Also I am being monitored every 3 months for Hashimoto's (antibodies). CT of the neck showed swollen lymph node but nothing the doc is overly concerned about. I have been DX'd with Hypothyroid 2x in the past 20 years (and cured both times) my Endo says it is cyclical. We did extensive blood work, I have not received my copies yet. I will write more clearly later... so exhausted.

I think I will start a new thread like you mentioned. I need support.

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