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Welcome, 4Jim!

Glad that you'll be joining us! Ah, yes... Karma is my friend. I'm a non-confrontational, quiet, nurturer who has enlisted the help of Karma to do my "dirty work" for years and she has never let me down. Glad to hear that your life is in a great place right now. Mind, body, soul, healthy eating, healthy mind... it's all so intertwined, isn't it? There are several of us here who have been at this for several years, but take a "leave of absence" every so often (as I have recently). But, luckily, we make our way back to our friends who share our love/hate relationship with food. Lately, I've been loving it a bit too much. lol

Speaking of friends, where's Mr. Sonic?? lol Sure! He drags me back from my face stuffing only to disappear! Hey, Mister... If my butt has to climb back on the wagon, I'm dragging yours with!!

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