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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Wow. Just gotta say, that sounds pretty low. I couldn't keep that up for a week. Are you sure you want to?
But if it works for you, go for it.

Hi Donna,

Yes, it's low for most people. Over the past several years, to maintain my 30 lb. loss, I have used three calorie ranges:

1) For when I'm doing well and maintaining my goal.
2) For when I'm doing OK, but could drop a couple of pounds and
3) (The 1100 Calorie Boot Camp) For when my eating has been out of control and I need strict discipline and a heavy hand to reign in my bad habits. (Think of it as my "Time Out"... lol.) I don't do it for long. Just long enough to "re-boot" my healthy habits.

It seems low, but I eat a largely vegetarian diet, but don't call myself a vegetarian because I'll mix in a little chicken and seafood. Additionally, people around me get snarky when I go full-blown vegetarian. lol When your diet is largely fruits and vegetables, you can eat pretty large amounts of food and yet your calorie count remains fairly low. It's only when I mix in things like bread, pasta, cheese, etc. that my calorie counts rise.

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