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Donna, I originally posted about the ghost a year or more ago. For a while we had a lot of activity, things that you can't explain or write off. For example, the youngest refuses to sleep in the living room because she sees shadows of people walk by. The middle one (she's a brave girl) freaked out one day when she was taking a bath, laid back to wash her hair and felt fingertips run across her forehead. Doors shut and open. One night I got up around 3 am, Mytsie (my small dog) follows to the kitchen. While there we hear a man in the living room say something. Mytsie flipped out, ran back to the bedroom, was under the covers growling and shaking. It's been quiet lately except for Saturday, I was home alone cooking supper and I hear one of the girls doors open... both of the dogs were sound asleep.
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