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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread 12/10/12

Good morning (or evening) everyone! I figured I'd get us started, that way I'm kinda forcing myself to join in. I haven't really been "feeling it" for a while but I know I have to stick with it.

I can't think of many goals but I do have a few really difficult ones. I can remember when was the last time I went a day without a PB&J sammich. In fact I've been eating two a day lately. I'm still getting up during the night to eat, although I haven't had any run ins with the ghost during the night. I did have a little activity yesterday when I was cooking supper though.

So I'll come up with a few goals, and if anyone would like to add to it, feel free. If I pick your goal, I give you my word that I'll do it!

Heath and Fitness
1) No PB&J sammiches
2) No eating after going to bed

1) Write 4 policies
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