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Here we go, last day of the week! Feeling much better today as well. And I have finished my class final and will have a month break before next term starts up. Lots of free time to find an exercise routine that'll work for me, which I'm feeling Zumba and yoga will be high on the list.

1) Drink more water, try for three bottles a day
M - 1.5, T - 2, W - 0.5, Th - lots of tea, F,S,Su - not as much as I wanted

2) Walk at least five days with my dog
M - Yes!, T - No , W - No; sick, Th - Yes, F - No; sick, Sa - No, Su - No

3) Watch my carb intake and keep count on it
Not even close with this one.

4) Eat less nuts - cut back to a couple times a week and not everyday
M - Had almond butter, T - None!, W - None!, Th - None!, F - None!, Sa - Had almond butter

5) Exercise - Zumba, yoga, weight training, cardio, anything!
Not this week, but that won't stop me!

6) Stretch
No, but it shall be done

M - Yes, T - Yes, W - ehhhhh, not really, Th - Sorta, F - Yes, Sa - Yes, Su - Yes

8) Practice meditating before bed
M-Su - No

Starting weight: 207.8 - November 14, 2012
Current weight: 191.4
2nd Mini Goal: 187.8
1st Mini Goal: 197.8 - December 6, 2012
Goal weight: 135 - November 14, 2013
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