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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
I have a business trip coming up so I will attempt to treat it like a stay at a health spa rather than a vacation where I can eat anything I want.
Pam, I think this is a GREAT approach. I can't tell you how many times my business trips were license to blow one knows me and I can just eat what I want! I will use the spa concept for my next one too!

Originally Posted by jonjaxmom View Post
I knew that it would be a tough weekend food and drink wise, and make just OK decisions and did not worry about them. Came home without a gain.
Chris, I personally think it's great to have successfully maneuvered your weekend without a gain! If I can get through the tough social occasions staying the same, I figure I'm on track!

I've been away a while because we had a long road trip from Oregon to CA for Thanksgiving and then to my nephew's wedding over the weekend. Loads of fun and didn't gain! And then I had a total knee replacement....this is on my right knee that I messed up skiing in my 20s and then didn't take care of it --> torn meniscus --> arthroscopy --> injections --> partial replacement 4 years ago (lateral compartment) --> total replacement 10 days ago. I'm doing great! The fact that I was pretty strong and fit going in has made a huge different in recovery rate, I think. At least compared to the last time I went through this. The hard part is not being able to get my normal exercise in and I'm so afraid of gaining weight! I think I may have put on a pound in the hospital, but it might also be the swelling...

So, have a great week everyone and if anyone is in Oregon and needs a recommendation for a knee surgeon, let me know. My guy is a rock star!
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