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I have been on every olive splitting diet all the way to full on gastric bypass. I have been as high as 413 and after all the 49 years I have found what works for me. PALEO. I have found that eating Paleo or Primal has been the easiest and most rewarding program in my life. I dont have an exercise program, I eat when I'm hungry and I eat all I want when I'm hungry. There are just a few things I no longer eat. I eat real meats and real vegitables along with real fruits and some seeds and nuts but I no longer put in my mouth any grains, legumes or processed drinks or foods. It works! I wish I could tell everybody what this Paleo has done for me. I get most of my info from and track the results here on fitday. I no longer have to take my heart meds because the doc took me off them. I no longer have to take pain meds because I got the gluten out of my diet and the systimic imflamation that goes along with eating grains and legumes, so I no longer hurt in my joints. I no longer have to take allergy meds because my allergies have gone away. I have the energy of a 5 year old and my mind has cleared up from a fog that has lasted 49 years. That's my story and its a true one. Paleo for life! Grok on my friends.
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