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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
The Food Log totals the foods you enter everytime you save. You only need to look at the calorie total at the bottom of the chart to see your calories. If you are organized enough you can enter a entire day of your planned meals and then adjust the quantities and variety of foods to hit your goals. There are no flashing red lights or obnoxious audio alarms to let you know you surpassed your goals.
Steve has a point. Most of us (urban folks) carry smartphone whether Android or iPhone, this application will be extremely popular on smartphones, imagine next time you are about order food, you can look up the menu and look it up on this software..preventing you from make a gastronomical crabby error.. It will make life easier. I am sure this software will sell well on smartpad/phone platforms. Just a suggestion. This is a great software

Devinder, Toronto
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