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Good Morning, All!

Quinn, reporting for duty... or accountability... or something...

Did great again yesterday. I'm really determined to stick with it through the holidays, which is something that I HAVEN'T done in 2 years. It would be awesome to go into the new year without having to repair any of the previous year's damage.

Lots and lots to do today, grocery shopping, errands, holiday stuff. So, today's goal is to stuff my purse with small, healthy stuff so that when I skip lunch (...which I will) I'll be prepared and not get over hungry for dinner out tonight (broiled fish, already planned).

Mern, Thanks for the welcome back! I'm envious of your kitchen remodel. I've been playing with the idea of a new refrigerator and counter tops, but I'll have to see what this semesters tuition bill and income tax refund (fingers crossed) brings.

Cassie, Your life is as busy as ever, I see! Don't forget that your own health, both mental and physical, come first and then others. What's the old flight attendant saying... "Apply your own oxygen mask before assisting others". lol I wish that I taken that advice more.

And my little Cupcake,... or should I start calling you "King Cake"?? LOL But, it's so easy to blame everyone else but myself! Truthfully, the reason that my weight is up is because I physically crashed this fall and became entirely self-indulgent and lazy. Probably necessary, but now that I'm feeling pretty rested, it's time to get back on the horse. It's weird being an empty nester... I miss her like crazy but then dread the wet towels and worrying about her out at night when she's home. Thanksgiving went well, but an entire month over Christmas will be the true test. We both have begun to prize our independence from each other, which is as it should be.

As far as the bet, I'm probably the least competitive person you'll ever meet. lol I'll leave the competitions up to you and Tori. But I will make you this promise... I WILL be back to my preferred weight by December 24th... guaranteed! I may not be competitive, but I'm headstrong and stubborn!! (Not to mention mad at myself!)

Off to Wallyworld... have a great day, all!

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