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Well, I'm doing well with eating less and not having as much nuts. I'm keeping track of my unsaturated fat intake and am still making sure I have waaay more for those than saturated. I still need to get more protein into my diet to make it more rounded. Thankfully I have been staying under 1900 calories (except yesterday was a little over 2000)! So, even though the week isn't turning out the way I had hoped, there is still good happening (I'm trying to stay positive!!)

1) Drink more water, try for three bottles a day: M - 1.5, T - 2, W - 0.5, Th - 2 (including tea), F - 2.5, so far all tea
2) Walk at least five days with my dog: M - Yes!, T - No, W - No; sick, Th - Yes, just slower because I'm still under the weather, F - hopefully
3) Watch my carb intake and keep count on it: NO! But I have been focusing on my studies with a final due this weekend, so I am more interested in my financial numbers and not these ones (bad! I know!)
4) Eat less nuts - cut back to a couple times a week and not everyday: M - Had almond butter, T - None!, W - None!, Th - Had pumpkin seeds, F - none so far
5) Exercise - Zumba, yoga, weight training, cardio, anything!: Still a no, but at least I am walking
6) Stretch: Not really...but I do small stretches throughout the day
7) STAY POSITIVE!: M - Yes, T - Yes, W - ehhhhh, not really, Th - Somewhat, F - Somewhat
8) Practice meditating before bed: M - No, T - No, W - No, Th - No, F - ???

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