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Default and the dancing banana goes to......

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
1. Try to keep carbs and protein in check Mon--Carbs NO protein yes, Tues--same Wed--YES 140/60
2. Drink 6 glasses of water a day--at least Mon--Got too busy and forgot Tues--same Wed-went to play so no afternoon water
3. Exercise Mon I was cleaning so burned some calories, Tues NO Wed NO
4. Before going grocery shopping (which is Thurs) write out list and work out meal plan for week. oh better do that!!

1. Finish Christmas cards not yet--but wrapped 2 presents this morning
2. Empty fridge and clean not yet
3. Tidy downstairs YES and cleaned kitchen
4. Put up tree??

Jenn it looks like you are having a tough week but I comment you for sticking in it and posting up. I need to take lessons from you.

Originally Posted by blkblueanimegrl View Post
Hokay, sadly this has been a not-so-good week with keeping up with goals, but it's only halfway and I still have half a week to turn it around! Stayed home sick today though, so the exercise/eating thing just isn't like it should be, but trying my best to eat homemade stuff.

1) Drink more water, try for three bottles a day: M - 1.5, T - 2, W - only half so far, need to force it down though
2) Walk at least five days with my dog: M - Yes!, T - No, W - No; sick
3) Watch my carb intake and keep count on it: NO! But I have been focusing on my studies with a final due this weekend, so I am more interested in my financial numbers and not these ones (bad! I know!)
4) Eat less nuts - cut back to a couple times a week and not everyday: M - Had almond butter, T - None!, W - None!
5) Exercise - Zumba, yoga, weight training, cardio, anything!: This has been a bust so far this week
6) Stretch: Another bust so far this week
7) STAY POSITIVE!: M - Yes, T - Yes, W - ehhhhh, not really
8) Practice meditating before bed: M - No, T - No, W - I NEED to
That's the right attitude!
Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Hey Everyone!

I'm apparently in the same boat as Cassie... No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to get my healthful eating act together for a whole bunch of reasons, too numerous to go into here. A partial list includes celebratory eating, stress eating, eating caused by life changes, blah, blah, blah...

This week, after seeing a horrifying number on the scale (before all of the Christmas eating and partying even begins...) I have decided to get my act together in baby steps. Instead of starting off logging daily (and probably failing) I'm going to just settle for being proud of every single thing that I eat. That should eliminate many of the holiday goodies that I can't seem to stay away from this year.

Also, like Cassie, I am going to check in daily as a reminder of what I know that I need to do. Have to do some soul searching and figure out why I'm letting my hard work slip away...

Looking forward to catching up with everyone!
I feel your pain Quinniepoo! So how about a 10 pounds for $10 bet? No over or under and no spread, 1st to it wins!

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Quinn, I hate that you're struggling, too, but maybe having you on here being accountable will kick my tuckus back into gear. I have been wracking my brain as well to figure out what the problem is .

Quick check in; I'm totally ready to crash.

1. Check in and post daily. Yes, Yes, Yes
2. Log everything! Yes, Yes, Yes
3. No trigger foods! None, Whoops, None

Good on the food today. Still didn't find time to exercise.
What are your trigger foods?

Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
  • Calories < 1600: 1497, 1645, 1338
  • Protein > 50g: 104, 101, 71
  • Fats < 30%: 38, 39, 36
  • Cholesterol < 200mg: 281, 283, 186(!)
  • Exercise minutes: 65, 0, 15
  • I am Thankful For: Good Friends, My Health, Mental Acumen
Too Much Caffeine !!!
Great job! You're killing your calorie and protein goal. I know you missed it on fats, but some fats are good for you.

Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Agreed... We can't let 2 years of work go to waste. I have made myself a promise that I will weigh in every single day, right through the holidays, for self-awareness. And, I will be checking in here, my form of Food AA... lol. Looking forward to getting to know all of the new faces!

Yesterday, I was much more aware of my poor food choices and mindless snacking here and there. Baby steps. One thing that has been a HUGE problem for me is planning evening meals for 2 since my daughter left for school. I was much more conscience of putting on a nutritious meal when I still had a child at home. Now, we seem to eat out a lot or just grab whatever is easy... not a great plan for health.

I have several routine medical appointments in January and I refuse to have tests done in the current shape that I'm in. It will be tough to be strict over Christmas, but I brought this on myself with too many indulgences.

Going to go back over recent posts and see what's been going on with everyone...
Quinniepoo, haven't you learned by now to not blame it on your daughter for moving out? Blame it on Tori!!!! Somewhere down the line, the blame falls solely in her lap!

Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
I did well yesterday right up until the birthday party I went to. Let's just say there was cake and ice cream and potato chips involved. I'm not even a cake person in general. I am definitely a potato chip person. I really can't have just one

Anywho, in for another day. My biggest goal this week is working on calories. It's amazing how difficult it is to convince myself I don't need to eat. It's totally emotional. Yeah, and when did eating crap really make me feel any better?
Amen sister, amen!

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I have to catch up with all of you later. Happy to report I'm down three pounds this week.

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I am so tickled. After we fired our kitchen contractor, one of his best workers quit to start his own business. Knowing we had fired his boss, he came to our house to see if we wanted him to finish the job for us. He has only about an hour's worth of trim work left and it'll be completely done. It's just a new ceiling, new back wall, and paint job, but it looks great.
Awesome news!
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