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Just a quick check-in. Goals? Did I make goals this week? I wonder what page they are on...

I feel pretty crappy so far this week. And not because of food - doing pretty well in that department because I have not had much time to eat. Yesterday I had to drive 6 hrs round trip to sit in a 2 hour meeting. I only ate 1 bagel and a pack of raising until dinner time. Dinner was soup and rice. Today I had to sit in a training class all day, unless I was doing CPR on a dummy on the floor (required to get my CPR/AED certification). My butt hurts from the sitting. My wrists hurt from doing chest compressions (the instructor was determined that the dummy got good blood circulation!). My lower back is killing me (TOTM), and I have a sore throat.

Okay - I am done whining! Tomorrow is my day off! YAY! I have a few hours of catch-up work to do, but can do it at home on my laptop. As far as food goes... DH wants pizza and Nyquil for dinner tonight (we're both getting sick). So my plan is to at least limit the #of slices, drink plenty of water and go to bed early. And I plan to enjoy a nice sunny day outside tomorrow playing with my DS.

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