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I have to catch up with all of you later. Happy to report I'm down three pounds this week.

Quinn! Welcome home, girl! Two owners before us flipped houses and they did a shoddy job turning the garage into a larger kitchen. Our remodeling was a new drywall ceiling, new back wall, removing the wallcovering and painting the room. No new appliances or countertops or anything like that.

I am so tickled. After we fired our kitchen contractor, one of his best workers quit to start his own business. Knowing we had fired his boss, he came to our house to see if we wanted him to finish the job for us. He has only about an hour's worth of trim work left and it'll be completely done. It's just a new ceiling, new back wall, and paint job, but it looks great.

Jenn, thanks so much for your empathy over my kitchen. I got all keyed up and then kept telling myself "It's only a room! I have so many blessings to count! " My heart went out to you over the loss of your twin and the following Christmas being ruined with your Mom recuperating from surgery, bro being sick, and Dad falling asleep in the chair. How old were you when your twin passed away? My older sister passed away in 2005 and it still doesn't seem like she should be gone--I had just always expected we would get old together. But I believe she's happy in Heaven and can hear me when I talk to her. I take a lot of comfort in that. I don't know about leaving the protein powder out of the chocolate mocha muffin recipe as it is used for both body and sweetness. We have so many great cooks here. Maybe someone can think of a suitable substitute?

Ama, yeah I DID get all Tiger Mama on the kitchen contractor. Lucky I didn't have that whip I threaten Mike with. LOL

Cassie, thanks for the hug over my "kitchen distress." I need that and it helped.
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