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it was really difficult for me to get off sugar. I have it a couple times a week now, but don't obsess over it anymore. The trick is, your taste buds change in about 14 days. So, if you can stick out those miserable, grumpy, 14 no-refined-sugar days, the next time you eat it, it won't be the same. For instance, I got a light latte the other day and could only drink a quarter of it, i gave my husband the rest. It was just...gross. The same thing is happening with animal products for me. The less I have it, the less I want it, the grosser it becomes.

Your cravings also die down (concentrating on getting enough nutrition really helps with this- eating a while, clean diet). So far, I've lost 20 lbs and gained one lb of lean muscle, but i almost feel like it's been 50 lbs. I feel so much better than I did with my previous way of eating!
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