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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Quinn, I hate that you're struggling, too, but maybe having you on here being accountable will kick my tuckus back into gear. I have been wracking my brain as well to figure out what the problem is .
Agreed... We can't let 2 years of work go to waste. I have made myself a promise that I will weigh in every single day, right through the holidays, for self-awareness. And, I will be checking in here, my form of Food AA... lol. Looking forward to getting to know all of the new faces!

Yesterday, I was much more aware of my poor food choices and mindless snacking here and there. Baby steps. One thing that has been a HUGE problem for me is planning evening meals for 2 since my daughter left for school. I was much more conscience of putting on a nutritious meal when I still had a child at home. Now, we seem to eat out a lot or just grab whatever is easy... not a great plan for health.

I have several routine medical appointments in January and I refuse to have tests done in the current shape that I'm in. It will be tough to be strict over Christmas, but I brought this on myself with too many indulgences.

Going to go back over recent posts and see what's been going on with everyone...

Mern, I see that you're doing some kitchen remodeling... What kind of things are you doing? A kitchen is always a tough remodel, but always well worth it in the end.

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