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Yeh I have some before Day 1 pics and like most guys I carry it around the waste. I have been keeping track of my weight usually around the same time of day,(morning) and wear the same clothing. It has been 1 month and I have lost about 12lbs. I use the Polar FT7 Heart Rate monitor and I try to go to the gym everyday. I have set a goal of burning 1000 calories each time I go. spent 2 hours doing the machines and 1 hour of it on the treadmill. I use the dynamic heart rate with an upper HR of 155 and Lower HR of 124.

I will have to take some 30 day pics tomorrow and see about posting them here.

I see your pics and I would hope to get to that point. I was not even that slim and trim when I was a teenager. I will get there.
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