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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Ok, I guess I was wrong... According to wikipedia:

But that still doesn't make it right. Soon the US Christmas season will start in the middle of the summer, and last through April 15. I guess they can still have Christmas in New Zealand and Australia in the middle of the summer, we can too.

That remains to be seen. Reminds me of a story ... My honey used to hunt on a Big Timber Co lease next to the family farm. After a few years I asked him to not bring home a big old buck, but bring back a young, tender one instead. He complied, but when I took a look at the quarters dressed out in the ice chest I exclaimed, "That's not a deer, that's a doberman!" Anyway, on Nov. 1 it's called poached, whether it was Bambi or not.

That's all I've got to say about that!

- Donna
I agree that the Christmas season starts too soon. IMO if it weren't for Christmas being a big buck revenue generator for retailers, it wouldn't be happening so early. I think the madness that Black Friday brings out in some people really shows what Christmas has turned to. As far as the season starting mid summer, it's been said that Jesus was actually born in the summer, not on Dec. 25th, if that is true, maybe it should be in the summer... but that's a whole 'nother debate.

Okay, that's enough pot stirring for me. Y'all have a good week, I'll check in later.
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