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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I'm guessing you are playing around, so I'll play along.
[kinda, yeah ...]
Is that what it is? I was think it was because they didn't have the filling that I wanted. So is the season based in date or weather. I thought it was Christmas season but it's been warm and getting worse. This weekend it's supposed to be up to 76*. Recently we had it in the 80's for Christmas.

So I guess the "Christmas" part was okay, the "king cake" part was not. So how about this... I had a Christmas cinnamon roll... nope, I got it, it was a Christmas cinnamon ring!

So I shouldn't call it a king cake because it's not king cake season? Crawfish "season" doesn't start until the Spring, but if I boil up a sack of them in February am I not having a crawfish boil?
Ok, I guess I was wrong... According to wikipedia:

Some bakers have now taken the liberty to offer king cakes for other holidays that immediately surround Mardi Gras season, such as green and red-icing king cakes for Christmas, red and pink-icing cakes for Valentine's Day, and green and white-icing cakes for St. Patrick's Day. Others have gone a step further and produce specialty king cakes from the beginning of football season for Louisiana State University and New Orleans Saints tailgate parties, then for Halloween, then Thanksgiving - and do not cease until after Mardi Gras season with an Easter holiday king cake.
But that still doesn't make it right. Soon the US Christmas season will start in the middle of the summer, and last through April 15. I guess they can still have Christmas in New Zealand and Australia in the middle of the summer, we can too.

Down here, deer season (for guns) starts Nov. 10, if somebody shoots something that looks like Bambi on Nov 1st, did they not shoot a deer?
That remains to be seen. Reminds me of a story ... My honey used to hunt on a Big Timber Co lease next to the family farm. After a few years I asked him to not bring home a big old buck, but bring back a young, tender one instead. He complied, but when I took a look at the quarters dressed out in the ice chest I exclaimed, "That's not a deer, that's a doberman!" Anyway, on Nov. 1 it's called poached, whether it was Bambi or not.

That's all I've got to say about that!

- Donna

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