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still the same 143.5. Went with a couple friends to Killington, VT. Ate OK, we all brought healthy snacks and made decent food choices. Skiing burns a ton of calories, but Alcohol and its empty calories were my diet killer over the 3 days. Kinda hard to resist the beautiful bloody mary with the big big olives and a lime that was waiting for me at the breakfast table! LOL

Its all good though. I knew that it would be a tough weekend food and drink wise, and make just OK decisions and did not worry about them. Came home without a gain. My mind
is in a good place... the upcoming Christmas parties that are on my calendar dont faze me in the least. I have no interest in having any cocktails again until new years eve, and I plan to eat before going to the upcoming festivities.

I think heading into last weekend, just relaxing and going with it, with the idea that it was my big hurrah was good for me. I didnt go crazy, but I did overdo it a bit, and now its out of my system and I am really pumped to move forward. Definitely a change in behavior from a year ago. 12 months ago I was depressed, pissed off, and my clothes didnt fit. Fast forward to the present... I am 2 sizes smaller today and much healthier. I dont want to go back to that feeling, ever.... Thanks to all of you for helping me stay in check!
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