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My weight loss has been slow, but lasting, and I do not panic when faced with poor choice foods. For me, losing weight is simple math. I try to make sure my calories in each day is a bit lower than my calories burned every day, and over time the weight will come off. So when I know I have an event coming up that I will go over my weight loss allotment, I try to approximate how many calories over I went, and know that I need to either burn those calories off with exercise in the days that follow it, or cut back on some more calories over the next several days, to meet that number that I went over. And never forget to drink my water.

I'm diabetic and take insulin, so for me, I cant just work off 1000 calories at a time without refueling it back, my body cant handle it. Smooth and steady is my race, and I've had success with that.
Chris S.
Insulin dependent diabetic since early 2011
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