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Default Back after losing my way

Does anyone else do this? Set themselves a goal and then just sabotauge all efforts to achieve it; once I've messed it up so badly that I can call myself a total loser then I want to achieve the goal again knowing that I can't.

After setting myself the goal of losing weight before I am 50 I start well and it all looks good, then 4 months ago I lost my way and despite being diabetic and having high blood pressure I just stop exercising and start eating badly. Now my goal is unachieveable I want it again and beat myself up every day for failing. Of course doing that makes me miserable and want to eat!!

Despite all that I am back here and going for it once again, I have approximately 50 more pounds to lose and I am a compulsive eater and exercise hater, I need some support, sympathy and advice.
Restarted at 15st 6lb January 2010

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