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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
It likely wasn't that good because it was un-seasonal. Sort of like walking into a Christmas store when it's 100 degrees outside. King cake season starts in January.
I'm guessing you are playing around, so I'll play along.

Is that what it is? I was think it was because they didn't have the filling that I wanted. So is the season based in date or weather. I thought it was Christmas season but it's been warm and getting worse. This weekend it's supposed to be up to 76*. Recently we had it in the 80's for Christmas.

So I guess the "Christmas" part was okay, the "king cake" part was not. So how about this... I had a Christmas cinnamon roll... nope, I got it, it was a Christmas cinnamon ring!

So I shouldn't call it a king cake because it's not king cake season? Crawfish "season" doesn't start until the Spring, but if I boil up a sack of them in February am I not having a crawfish boil? Down here, deer season (for guns) starts Nov. 10, if somebody shoots something that looks like Bambi on Nov 1st, did they not shoot a deer?

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