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Mern: Thanks for the kudos, though I don't feel like I deserve them. I'm at the point where the calories and the exercise isn't a problem for me now, just the Other stuff... I looked back at my cholesterol and I have been going up lately. I should make that one of the goals, even if I already busted over the limit on the Monday. Seems there's a few schools of dietary thought wrt cholesterol, too. Some say that if you eat a low cholesterol diet your body produces more to make up for that. I certainly don't subscribe to that viewpoint, but I haven't been doing anything to limit my intake, either.

Joanne: Just log it all and make up the binge by cutting back this week.

Cassie: Yes, I have had times when I can't seem to get my feet under me, sometimes literally. Don't care what your MIL thinks! If you're still standing you're at least doing something right. My advice is: change your signature line -- don't be afraid (to look), be strong, log your food, and face the world head on.

Mike: There is no such thing as a 'Christmas' King Cake! King Cake season does not start until Epiphany! If They start doing to Epiphany what They've done to Christmas -- moving the start of the season up by a month every year -- soon you'll be telling us you bought 'Halloween' King Cake. Then, I will totally loose my sanity, and likely take a hammer to inappropriate things, like cakes! What's next! Just don't tell me there's not only a baby in the cake, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Sheesh!

Gotta go -- will post goals later!

- Donna

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