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Default Why your PT said what he did

I'm a Personal Trainer, and I kind of agree with what your PT said, although I don't agree with the way he told you

This is the route I take with an overweight client who wants to run

1. We undertake a weight management program that depletes weight that is safe (or safer) on the joints, we also introduce foods that will add to the clients energy

2. We undertake a postural and corrective exercise program that mobilses the joints and opens biomechanical pathways meaning bad technique and movement pattern do not get locked in and create problems in years to come

3. We build cardiovascular endurance on a non impact piece of equipment (spin bike)

Once the objectives have been achieved, then we can move on to running, although I mainly use metabolic resistance training with clients as my target market is in the "looking good" mindset which you can't really achieve with running alone

Hope this helps

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