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Mern – I love your list of low-carb foods! Thanks for sharing. Way to go with the contractor. Sucks how he turned out to be so unreliable, but I really like how you and DH gave him the option to finish or just walk away. Congratulations on losing 1 lb last week! I bet you can do it again this week.

Joanna – Each day presents a new opportunity to make great choices. Last weekend is over and this week will be fantastic for you! You are awesome and you can do this!

Krystal – Plateau is broken? YAY! Great motivation to get moving on this week!

Mike – Do we need to create goals for you this week? You may not be happy with what we come up with… so get in the station wagon and let’s move! (Why do I feel like I am talking to DS…)

My Goals
Take Vitamin:
Log food:
Some form of exercise every day:
Be mindful of portion sizes:
Get 75% done with Christmas shopping:
Finish and mail family Christmas cards:

I reached my goal sometime last summer, and have done pretty good maintaining within a 3lb range but lately I am inching up over the top of that range more times than I should. I stopped logging last summer because all the logging I did to get down to my goal taught me a lot about what foods work for me to maintain a certain weight. That last sentence was a bunch of BS - The truth is I hate logging and have gotten really good at making stupid excuses… But lately I have been thinking about getting back to it and lowering my goal a few more lbs. So back to logging this morning, and weighing daily (starting tomorrow). This week will be busy though with work, travelling for work, training all day Thursday (who knows what will be served for lunch), and DS on Friday (can you say kid food?). I can pull it off but really need to crack-down and make good choices.

Soooo…. As Oprah once said (or something similar to the following)… Hunger is the feeling you get when your body is eating your thighs. Love that feeling! For me, if I accept hunger for just a few hours a day the weight really seems to drop pretty fast – so I’ll do my best.

Happy Monday My Dears!

5’6”, 40 yo

December 3rd: 5lbs to Goal
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