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Default The California International Marathon

Well I did it! Woohoo! Crazy weather tho- a huge storm was hitting our area at exactly the same time as the race start. Big winds with gust up to 45mph and torrential downpours, stinging sideways rain and localized street flooding- one helluva first 26.2!
But i figured I'm not the only dealing with it, there was an estimated 10,000 runners at this event, the largest they had ever had, so I wasn't the only one getting wet

I felt good all the way to about mile 14 and then my calves started to complain. At that point I had to alternate from walking to running and the rain was finally letting up some. By mile 19, the clouds parted and the sun was out-woo hoo! That really helped, by the time I hit mile 20, my calves were feeling a little bit better but my left ankle/ lower shin was feeling some pain.

I managed to run for the last 4 miles to the finish- that was an awesome feeling to even finish! I certaintly did not set any records, but I did finish which was my ultimate goal.
Of course, today's weather is absolutely beautiful.....

I'll probably do it again next year knowing what I know now about going the distance.
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