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Catching up from weekend posts:

Hope, funny what you said about the hummus--that I'd like your friend's hummus if I ever tried it. My granddaughter's fiance doesn't like soup. Her 11 year old sister loves to help me make soup and she told him yesterday that he'd love HER soup if he ever tasted how SHE makes it. I use Eden organic black soybeans that I can find only online. They are only 1g net carbs per half cup serving and I have found several ways to enjoy them. Last night I made a dessert quesadilla with mashed black soybeans, unsweetened cocoa powder, artificial sweetener, cinnamon, and almond extract. Well, maybe your one pound gain was just a scale fluctuation or maybe a little extra water retention. I hope your scale reverses soon.

Jenn, getting back to daily menu planning would be a really good New Year resolution for me as well.

Donna, it's great that you responded to Krystal on your ideas to cut back on low carb. I low carb, but I've been known to have a carbfest now and then. It doesn't discourage me from feeling I may be able to give others tips. Special kudos on your exercise and calories last week. Do you track your dietary cholesterol? I do pretty well at limiting mine to 250g per day.

Krystal, cardio is great for helping speed up metabolism--which is probably why I didn't lose well last week--because I hardly did any exercise at all. I usually lose nicely the first week of a proper diet restart with good exercise. That's great that you batch cook ahead.

A great place to start on cutting down carbs is to cut out white foods (except cauliflower and mushrooms.)

--BREAD: In place of bread I use low carb tortillas. Some people enjoy Food For Life/Ezekiel bread found in the freezer case of health food sections of grocery stores where I live. It's made from sprouted grain instead of flour and they say fewer carbs are absorbed.
--PASTA: I used Dreamfields brand pasta which is found in the regular dried pasta section of my grocery store. It is processed differently so that it contains only 5g digestible carbs per serving instead of around 40g for regular pasta.
--RICE: Instead of rice I eat textured veggie protein aka TVP (found in baking or health food sections of grocery stores) that I cook with broth to impart flavor. -
--POTATOES: In place of white potatoes I eat cooked cauliflower or broccoli cooked until very tender, drained well, and mashed with cheese, butter/low fat substitute with no trans fats, and seasonings to taste.
--FRUIT: Ditch the bananas and apples and opt for any kind of melon (except watermelon) and any kind of berries (except grapes, which are in the berry family.)
--BEANS: I use Eden Organic Black Soybeans at only 1g net carbs (carbs less fiber) per serving. I can find them only online so far at (I hope that address doesn't get removed.)

There is a LOW CARB RECIPES thread in the FOOD TALK forum that has some recipes. I think the chocolate mocha flaxmeal muffins recipe posted by me is in the COOKING FROM SCRATCH forum. Some people don't like them but it's a staple at my house. My grandkids eat them, not knowing they're "diet food."
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