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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread 12/3/2012 Let's make this our best week this year.

Time to start fresh. Let's go!

Sorry--I was out of touch with our group Friday and all weekend.

Was aggravated this morning to find I lost only one pound last week BUT it's a step in the right direction and considering I didn't exercise much at all, my body was pretty generous. A pound a week ads up to 52 lbs. a year. I'd love to be 52 lbs. lighter on Dec. 3, 2013.

Hope, my kitchen contractor STILL isn't finished. He was supposed to finish this weekend. He didn't tell me, but told his helper he doesn't have the money to buy the paint. I won't advance him another cent. He's done except for about two hours of sanding that he needs to do and then the painting. Our contract has expired. I got an estimate from a painter of $450 so am going to call my current contractor today and tell him (or leave a voice mail) that if he can't finish the job in the next two days, we'll ammend the contract to rescind the painting and he can accept $207 as final payment in full and I'll hire a painter to finish his job.
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