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Meachan: definately get the NutriBullet - it obliterates frozen food and anything else you throw in there. My only complaint about this little baby it just that, it's little. The largest cup holds 24 ozs. and you can't fill it up all the way. when you throw a couple of cups of kale/spinach and then water and a few berries - it's already full. I wish they made a 32 oz cup for this because my smoothies are always too big.

So now onto my progress, sadly my weight is stalling and I'm really frustrated. I am stuck at 172. I have gotten into the habit of adding stevia to my smoothies and I am thinking that it is the culprit. My cravings have increased and I am getting night-time leg cramps/restless legs. Since I began adding stevia I am craving so much I am having one small meal each day usually of oatmeal - with more stevia! It has to be the stevia so today the stevia stops!

I want to to drop another 10 lbs. by 12/15 so here is my solution:

Also, anyone who wants to try this and wants to know more, my aunt discovered a Dr. Oz 3-day smoothie cleanse/fast. He provides recipes, a shopping list, everything you need. The smoothies are pretty much what I am doing but I am not adding the almond butter and I will follow the fast for the entire 15 days (I started yesterday). I am also NOT having the stevia which he allows in the morning green tea.

Here is the link: (there are videos and everything if you want to watch)

Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse One-Sheet | The Dr. Oz Show


And please post your progress if you decide to follow it - it's only 3 days! DO IT!
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