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I work at a grocery store and have recently seen a lot of "organic" "naturals" and "healthy choice" pizzas. They all seem to have multigrain or whole grain crust, low-fat or non-dairy cheese, and sauce made from real tomatoes. I haven't really checked into them because I never buy pizza (I used to work at a Pizza Hut- I don't really get pizza cravings) but those might be something to look into.

You could also buy your own pizza dough balls made from whole grain (you can portion them out and freeze some for another night) along with some real tomato juice (not pizza/pasta sauce, actual tomato juice or puree!), low-fat REAL cheese, and various spices. The dough balls aren't difficult to work with (one of my roommates uses them for calzones) and if you use healthier ingredients and get some veggies in there, the calories might not be so bad. I would top it with tomato slices, peppers, even spinach to get your extra veggies!

Oh! They also make flat bread pre-made pizza crusts with nothing on them that you buy in individual packages, some even made from pita. I'll bet you could find one that's low-carb!
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