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Aww, thanks so much Mern! That made me feel good reading that, cuz I'm still at that same plateau! BUT - muscle weighs more and I'm trying to walk everyday to get some cardio into my daily routine and build from there.

Hope - have a great week if you aren't on! Looking forward to seeing you back And omgosh, hummus is DELISH! Love that stuff bunches. I should prolly watch all the carbs and such, but right now I'm just trying to not eat thousands of calories a day (which I can almost bet I was doing for the past year... OUCH!) I love to have a small piece of baguette and dip it in the hummus for a snack yummy!

Tomorrow is cook day again for the week ahead! I'm planning to make a batch of onigiri and perhaps a miso soup and tempeh dish, although I might do something with pasta included since I haven't had that all week. What do you guys feel is a good start to cut down on carbs? Like I said - carboholic here Just wondering on how others had started this.

See you all tomorrow!

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