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Hi everyone! My name is April. I'm 24, 5/7, 175 lbs. When i moved to college 2 years ago, without trying I began loosing weight. I lost 30 pounds in a year without trying! and as a result of a new lifestyle, eating differently, and being more active, all of which went along with the new college life, not a conscious decision to do these things. I didn't notice the weight loss until i realized i was wearing a belt every day and my pants started to gather in the front. i suspiciously tried on a smaller size pant and I was able to easily fit into ones 3 sizes smaller! wow! ok, i had lost some weight. Now I want to loose more!....

The past 8 months, a major change in attitude has taken over my life. I went from not caring about my weight, to loosing nearly all the self confidence I once had and obsessing over weight loss. I've had many positive experiences this year due to loosing the previous 30lbs but it seems the more weight I loose, the more self conscious i become. I have started seen a councilor for these issues and its time to pick myself up and continue on my weight loss journey (as soon as i started feeling self conscious about my weight, i stopped loosing it).

so i need some encouragement. i have been eating pretty well, logging my food, etc. i am also a firm believer in not depriving myself. if im having a craving, im going to have it, but i am aware of what im eating, and try to compensate for higher calorie food craving items.

my biggest downfall, however, is sugar. i HAVE to have it. days i go without, i become extremely grumpy and shaky. I've tried replacing sugar for fruit, and it helps but doesn't rid the cravings completely. i feel that if im able to cut the sugar out of my diet i will be more successful in my weight loss and healthy overall. i understand the harm refined sugars can cause to your body and feel the urgency to "get off" of it. Any tips you have to go about doing this would be amazing.

Thank you everyone for reading this. I guess i need a bit of encouragement to get back on my emotional feet and push through to eventually be successful.

Thanks again!
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