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Mern: What is it with contractors and time? But that thing with mismanaging your money, and then having the nerve to come and ask for more, wow, I can't believe that. I am so glad it worked out for the best and you are very goodhearted about what happened. We redid our kitchen and my husband said never again (to big house projects.) He said if we ever buy another home (as in down sizing) we better love it as is. LOL.

Yeah I have trouble sleeping too. Terrible insomniac - lifelong. (it's a fibro thing too.)

There is a woman in my town who makes hummus to die for. If you tried hers, you would love hummus. In fact, maybe I will have hers instead of that other stuff. Hummus is kind of carby tho. Beans are carby.

I do enjoy my diet but I stepped on the scale today and I am up one pound. WHUT? I know this shouldn't bother me but these last pounds have been crawling off... than crawling back. LOL.

Obviously I am still here... time to go eat now.
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