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Hope, I'm glad we're good. [[[Hugs]]] Now that you mention it, I recall that Butterfingers make my upper and lower teeth feel like they want to stick together. It's great that you are enjoying healthful food. So many people on diets think they have to eat salads most of the time. Just not true. Your revised menu looks even better. You and I enjoy a lot of the same foods--except for hummus. I've never had any I like yet. I often have a hard time falling asleep because when I'm awake I'm thinking; not worrying or pondering--just hard for me to turn off my mind. I guess that's another reason why meditation is hard for me--I have a monkey mind. LOL

Just chit chat: contractor just about done in the kitchen. Nothing fancy--just mostly drywall work and painting, but I'll be glad when he's done. We gave him a whole month in the contract to complete a four day job because he is an independent contractor and had other jobs lined up. He did come out a week and a half before he was to start and removed the wallpaper. Then followed a string of excuses and promises to come to work the next day and he didn't show and most of the time didn't call, either. (UGH, no call-no show business people are my biggest pet peeve!) He finally admitted he had mismanaged our downpayment and didn't have the money to buy the materials for our job and had the nerve to ask us to advance him more money. We refused and insisted he get the money he needed elsewhere and be back with the materials and ready to work by 9 o'clock the next morning or else we would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and/or the Ohio Attorney General's office. It worked--he borrowed the money from a relative. On the up side, his work is excellent and he suggested some extra work he would do at no charge (about four hours worth) to make up for treating us wrong. Hey, he didn't have to twist my arm--I graciously accepted. I would still recommend him to friends based on the high quality of his work, but would tell them to put in the contract that the day he is to start work for them he is to deliver his tools and accessories to their house [as assurance he will return] then be given the downpayment to go buy the materials and return with them immediately to start the job.
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