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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Hope, you are really working hard this week on your eating! Why doesn't meditation during yoga count? Not as relaxing or not as deeply into it? I've tried meditating at home and just can't clear my mind enough on things going on around me--sounds, mostly. Your food plan for tomorrow looks well thought out. Nice job. If you must be away from the group for a while, I hope you can stick with your plan and know that we are with YOU in spirit, too. Big hug to ya!
I AM working hard on my eating and it is making me feel better. And yet it hasn't been difficult; I've been enjoying my "healthy food." Changed my plan a little cause I'm gonna have a looooong day and need more food. LOL.

I find it hard to meditate too, hard to quiet what they call "monkey mind," the noise in my own head. Meditation during yoga today didn't "count" because it was not long or focused enough.

You rock, Mern. Big [[[[HUGS]]]] to ya!!!
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