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Jenn, kudos on your logging, water, fruits and veggies and exercise Tuesday through Thursday! Inspirational! Wishing you more balance with the carbs and protein. UGH, I know that's not easy, but also know you can do it. Just do the best you can with the rest of the day. I think I'm going to be over in saturated fat today unless I don't eat the other half of my lunch salad for dinner. Remember when we don't eat right, we can start fresh any time. Tomorrow is a new day full of new hopes and achievements.

Joanna, life sometimes does a lot of sabotage on our healthful ways of eating. Yup, it's behind you, so just move on. OMG, I love Butterfingers--actually it's my very favorite. We should get on them to make it calorie, carb, and fat free, nutritious, and just as yummy as the ones on the market now. Wishing you a less tempting weekend.

Krystal, I've read that sometimes our bodies want to plateau to get used to the new reduced weight before allowing us to lose more--sort of like it's trying to be sure you're not trying to starve it. Kudos on the additional .4 lb. weight loss since I first met you. Nice reports this week, too!

Donna I didn't get to the protein article yet, but I and my doc, and most of the people in this group agree that what works for one doesn't work for another. At one time I had dropped my protein intake to 100g and then started regaining weight after changing nothing else. Since my blood test still show no signs of any kidney damage that doc is skiddish about, she has given consideration to the fact that I may actually NEED more protein than the average person. So she's looking on my 120g as an experiment for the time being.

Hope, aw--you are so darned sweet. I love being back and sharing this journey with all of you. The support I get here is key to my not falling off the deep end on body weight. Like you, I find that I eat more and am more tempted to cheat on my diet if delay my meals or snacks too long. Kudos on your yoga! I have discovered that I sleep better and have way fewer headaches on low carb. Sorry--I found it amusing that Butterfingers make your teeth feel funny.

Ama, your reports this week are absolutely awesome! What a great role model you are! I got my Christmas cards done early this year because I was caught up with my housework and couldn't work in the kitchen because we have contractors doing some work out there and DH was on the computer. I've never gotten them done so early--love sending them, but hate the work of addressing them. I think this is only the third year in my 41 years of marriage that I didn't have to track down a new address for a friend or family member. We're getting some holiday hustle and bustle over tomorrow already because my husband's family (7 siblings and their descendants) must have our annual Christmas dinner at a restaurant this weekend due to other committments and travel plans. We don't like to have to postpone it to the new year. OMG, my mouth was watering over your description of shakshuka. I'll have to see if I can adapt that to low carb, low cholesterol. Always looking for new ideas. Thanks for mentioning that! Oh, yeah--kudos planning your meals ahead, too. plans, too.
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