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Lots of H2O: Y, Y, Y, Y
Focus on whole foods: Mostly, Mostly, Mostly, Y
Focus on fruits and veggies: Y (big veggie soup for dinner), Y, no so much..., Y
Focus on exercise: N, Y (kicked butt at the Gym!), Stretching, Y (workout video - good cardio)
Lose 1lb: -.2 so far, -1lb!!!
Post to FD even at the end of the week when I get lazy: Y, Y, Y, Y, Y
Donít stress over Christmas (I manage to pull it off every year and this will be no different): Y - I am debating skipping cards all together. So far not too stressed out. Y - Planning a white elephant party with close friends and it is pot-luck so no worries about providing all the food. Sorta - too busy to think about not stressing, well maybe this is a Y after all! Ok - I bought cards today, but only plan to send them out to blood relatives. And will have some on stand-by to send to people who I receive cards from.

Food Plan - Friday
Coffee x 2 (was out and went to McD to get coffee and it was HORRIBLE! So zero for today.
Breakfast - 1/2 slice toast, dry cereal (really need to get to the grocery)
Lunch - organic mac n' cheese (DS is home so kid food it is!)
Snack - orange
Dinner - Chicken, rice and broccoli (did not do this as planned last night because I wanted to marinate the chicken overnight)
1 Drink with dinner if at all
Back-up food for after dinner craving - low cal, low carb and low salt
Chocolate piece for dessert

Last night I made shakshuka for dinner - it was wonderful! It is like a slow cooked thick tomato stew with lots of veggies and lots of spices like turmeric and paprika. It is served with poached eggs (poached right in the stew), and served over rice. Yum!

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