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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post

I did yoga at the gym and waited too long to eat- ran errands instead of going home. Waiting too long to eat makes me feel lousy and causes me to eat more. I wonder if other people find this too - they eat more if they wait too long. Anyone?

BTW Butterfingers were my favorite when I was a kid. Now the rare time I have ever tried one they make my teeth feel funny.
Raising my hand! I totally want to snack before dinner (while I am cooking dinner) if I wait too long to eat. I am thinking of stashing some healthy snacks in my car for the long drive home; ok only 20-30 min or so, but having a small box of raisins or something stashed in the glove box for emergencies would help. When I walk in the door in the evening I usually head straight for the kitchen to start cooking.

Butterfingers are one of my evil nemesis'. They tempt me to no end, then my skin is in ruin for the next 2 weeks after eating just one bite size... sigh, when will I ever learn...
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