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Mern, I used to use TVP in meatless chili but I never heard of it for oatmeal. Definitely gonna check that out!!! Thanks!!! So glad you are back with your support and your help!! And we are here for you too, mama!!! You got this!

I did yoga at the gym and waited too long to eat- ran errands instead of going home. Waiting too long to eat makes me feel lousy and causes me to eat more. I wonder if other people find this too - they eat more if they wait too long. Anyone?

I did not get a chance to read the protein article but I will add this. I agree with Mern. There is no one size fits all diet. I feel better eating less carbs and I am a total carboholic. But changing my diet not only helps with my weight, it helps with my fibro, hypogylcemia and panic attacks. So yeah I miss some things (mostly pizza) but not that much after a while. I get used to my diet and enjoy it. And when I "slip" (as we all do) I feel it.

Joanna, you can do it. Of course, you can do it. You're an incredible, awesome, incredibly accomplished person and you got this. As I tell DD we can't live backwards; we can only move forward.

Love to all...

BTW Butterfingers were my favorite when I was a kid. Now the rare time I have ever tried one they make my teeth feel funny.

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