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Hope, those Vitamuffins sound yummy. Glad you got to enjoy at least a teeny bit of SF chocolate. Wish I could eat oatmeal, too. I love it, but it takes to big a chunk out of my 25g net carbs per day to manage my blood sugar. I join you in the lack of exercise, but the rest of your reports this week have been very, very praiseworthy! Kudos on that!

A nice susbstitute I found for oatmeal is microwaved soy textured veggie protein aka TVP. Some people think I'm crazy, but I tell them "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it." To save milk carbs, in place of milk I use water and non-fat dairy creamer and a bit of artificial sweetener. Cinnamon to taste is a nice addition. Sometimes for the liquid I use thinner low carb protein shake. Then I nuke it to my desired consistency. I use Bob's Red Mill brand TVP --found in both baking and health food sections of my local grocery stores.

Lisa, thanks for your encouragement. Great job on lower calories yesterday, logging, meds (Oops--you reminded me. I had to stop typing there to go take my supplements.) Wishing you a pie free day today.

Donna, you had a remarkable report on calories and fat even considering the Butterfingers. I don't like them as much, but now I eat low fat versions of cheese and yogurt. I really enjoy Eden Organic Black Soybeans which are only 1 net carb (8g carbs less 7g fiber) per half cup serving. They're canned and unsalted and I can find them only online. I can simmer them with tomato sauce and seasonings to make low carb baked beans. I add them to turkey chili and soups. I also found I can "fridge marinate" them overnight with chili powder and some other seasonings to impart some flavor. Thanks for the link on the Protein Debate. I'm going to read that later today.

I'll be back later to do more catching up with the group.
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