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1. Try to average 1650/day for the week. way off. too high. still high, but better than the other days.
2. Get back to logging everything every day, even the bad stuff. yes. yes. yes.
3. Take my meds 2x/day. yes. only 1x. yes.
4. When I start to grab junk food, make a better choice. yes.* yes. no.

I was going to be under my calories last night, even with a small piece of pie after dinner figured into my log. But then the rest of the pie was calling me, taunting me with its sugary goodness. I couldn't resist. I had another small piece before bed. The rest got eaten by the family, so I can't give into temptation anymore. The cupboards are about empty. Hoping I can keep myself out of trouble today.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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