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Hello all,

I just started my diet about 2 weeks ago and I totally understand you pain. The first week was killer for me. I thought about taking down a whole bag of cheetos or eating the cheese sticks in the freezer (i know i should throw them out) but i held strong.

One thing that has really helped me is pretzels/ pretzel crisps or the new jello mousse (dark chocolate is my fav). I try to eat something that is alittle close to what i used to eat cuz if i don't i will have to be pulled out of burger king covered in ketchup and onion rings and laughing like the joker
I know that if i cut my self off completly from all my fav foods i'll fail at this diet. I'm 7 lbs down now and that has given me hope to hold on for the long haul.

Good luck,
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