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1) plan meals: yes, yes, yes, yes
2) stick to plan (or equivalent): yes no yes, yes very close
3) 1600 calories or less - 1340 no 1587, 1490
4) lower carbs -yes, yes, yes, yes
5) no caffeine which means no chocolate heavy sigh -yes sigh, yes sigh, yes, yes
6) 6 glasses water min -7, 8 5 6
7) be a stretchy mama every day -yes, no yes, yes must stretch or I feel icky
8) gym or gentle exercise at least 3x this week -no, no, no, no
9) meditate daily-yes no yes, yes
10) practice Spanish -yes no yes class
11) WRITE - yes class yes, yes woke up and wrote right away
12) be kinder to myself; stop being such a hater to me - trying so yes, yes, yes, yes mwhah
13) avoid sugar: yes, yes, yes, yes

Mern, I DO miss chocolate but I have Vitamuffins (sf banana) with fruit sweetened raspberry jam and having half a sf choc chip cookie twice this week helped -very few chips in em honest.)

For lowering cholesterol, having oatmeal for breakfast worked or me for a while. Now I am lowish carb and oatmeal is rare.

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